Friday, March 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Bringing the war to an apple garden near you

Samsung boasts that The Galaxy S4 is the next big upgrade to your arsenal for the never ending ancestral turf war against Apples and Oranges. First impressions show Samsung Galaxy S4 specification to be loaded to the brim with all the fire power you would ever need!

The yet to release the Galaxy S4 super-phone is scheduled for sometime in April 2013 and promises of several advanced features that would put its biggest competitors (read Iphone 5 or The HTC One) in a heated battle that could span for ages. When i went through the specification sheets, the first thing that caught my eye was obviously the "Galaxy S4 eye tracking" feature. Yes folks, the nifty new device boasts of a super wide 5 inch HD screen but the innovative advancement lets you control your screen navigation merely by tracking the movement of your eyes. Never did I thought that Samsung would let us play psychic :p You never would have to lift a finger to navigate through those menus ever again!

As always, the S4 features sleeker and better design improvement over its previous models being thinner and lighter with a newer "textured grip" that keeps the phone in place when you hold it in your hands. According to The BBC sneak peak, The majority of the focus seems to be more on the Software rather than the underlying hardware itself. According to Samsung, they have reworked their basics ensuring that this phone makes your life a lot easier eliminating unwanted clutter in menu and navigation system, intelligent technology that switches profile when it senses you working out or in the office attending a meeting that requires your every bit of attention. Although not to boast of revolutionary features, the Samsung S4 is one phone to look forward to. I am interested in the eye tracking feature and would definitely love to see how "intelligent" is Samsung's S4 as compared to Siri or the HTC Sense capabilities.

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