Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Create your own free website (plus 100% ad free Hosting)

Everyone wants to have a website of their own - be it for personal uses or corporate needs. There are a host of premium registrars like Godaddy, Hostgator or Speedhost, but as a beginner who just wants to test the waters or own a website just for the fun of it, one doesn't really have to plunge into premium hosting packages that cost a monthly fee. I mean, people I know or personally I wouldn't! ;)
There are some really good free alternatives that you can opt for without the fear of unsightly provider advertisements or flashing "click me" gif that would give anyone a seizure attack ;)

The first one, called as Get-Your-Business-Online is a Google-HostGator collaborative initiative that gives you a premium quality domain + hosting package for the first one year. The service is well polished, comes with ready made premium quality web building tool, modular dashboard to administer your web content with ease. The downside is, this one is available only as a ".in" domain, meaning, your webpage will look something like this rather than the conventional extension. Also, during the first one year, you are not allowed to upload content to the online drive directly as most other hosting providers let you. This is great if you want a simple webpage just with preset templates only to add contents but definitely has a downside if you want complete control over your hosting space right from the start. However, like always, you can upgrade immediately to a full fledged hosting by paying the associated fee. 

Next up is The Free Domains project from various web service providers such as co.nr, Basic Networks, co.in. The guys here offer you a domain name that either goes like or some are advertisement free and some have provider advertisements. These domains however, require you to find a hosting provider in order to be able to actually use them or make them available online. 

Okay, I promised I will show a 100% free web hosting that is as good as premium hosting providers with all the full fledged CPanel dashboard. There are many such providers, but the best one that I have personally used is 000Webhost (No I am not getting paid to suggest them here) that offers anyone a totally advertisement free hosting where you can plug in one of your free co.nr domains or a paid <.com> domain thereby saving on your hosting costs! They are best for blog hosting or any personal website that doesn't require  mission critical uptime or stability.

Final words, these alternatives are okay if you plan to do a trial run for a starter blog as they also allow complete freedom of migrating to a paid hosting package in the long run. Now, there is no reason not to create your own blog for free ;) Get going!!

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