Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Indian Politicians should use Facebook

Facebook has become the numero uno place of existence to the online world. From pre-teens to youth to older people basking in the summer sun, everyone is fond of Facebook. Each day the social media giant seems to reel in a number of new users and the success they enjoy is alarmingly fearsome. However, I often wonder, why shouldn't the Politicians and leaders of our great nation use Facebook? Why you ask? I ask, why not?

First, I am sure you all are aware that most complaint Indian Politicians never, i mean never! keep up the promises that they make during election campaign. Second, no one really has a clue on how to keep record of their activities. Third, unlike their Western counterparts, it is near impossible for common man to reach out to these leaders for plea or a common voice. The list can go on and on. how does Facebook save the day? Well here's how.

1. The Facebook addiction
Any desi neta (leader) who has loads of spare time to kill, ultra high speed cheap internet, boring bills to pass is bound to get addicted to Facebook! Facebook has this addictive formula to keep its users glued to the screen and post some whack-o-jack status updates from time to time. As much as this would sound fun to the leaders, people can keep a tab on what the leaders are really up to during their working hours ;)

2. The Timeline!
A scary feature this, justifies the proverb "The writing's on the wall"  Whatever our dear neta promises, it's gonna be on the wall for all to see
This would definitely be fun!

3. LIKE my swag
Any decision or post the leaders make, can be seen by the "Fanpage" and we can comment our approval or disapproval. You get the idea now, don't you? Comment away why you think Indian politicians should use Facebook!


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